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It sounds simple, but it’s true.

The benefits of a clear and consistent brand are undeniable. More than 76% of customers purchase from brands they know. 46% of customers will pay more for products and services from trusted brands. In Marq’s State of Brand Consistency report, consistent branding across all channels can increase revenue by 10% to 20%.

There are innumerable stats to support the value of building a solid brand. But, beyond those stats, we are firm believers in the idea that a better brand makes a better bank. A great brand has the ability to unite a team, focus and clarify messaging, influence strategy, impact customer experience, and build significant equity and awareness over time.

And that’s what we do. We help banks become better brands. If your brand could use a little—or a lot—of work, let’s talk.

Do I need a rebrand?

Not all of our clients need a rebrand. Some have most of the pieces in place and we help put everything together in a strategic and relevant way. For many, however, a rebrand is a major milestone in the life cycle of the bank. We often get asked about when and why a rebrand should take place. Here are 7 milestone moments that often lead to a rebrand.

Brand Confusion

Brand confusion may exist internally or externally. Internally, do you feel that everyone in your organization is working from the same playbook and able to understand and articulate the value proposition of your bank? Externally, do you have a similar name or value proposition to a competitor that’s creating confusion in the marketplace? Confused buyers don’t buy from you.

Perceived as outdated or old-fashioned

If your bank has a long history of serving a community, you have a lot of experience to draw from—and that’s a big plus. Being perceived as outdated? Not so good. Just as a person who wears clothes from a different decade may appear out of touch, a bank that doesn’t look relevant may not be considered a viable option.

Growth into New Markets

Planning to expand into a new market? Or your current market is experiencing tremendous growth? A rebrand would allow you to reposition your bank as a top contender among competitors by renewing focus on the promise you make to the people who currently (or will) engage with your brand.

Merger or Acquisition

When two organizations come together, regardless of the terms, there’s often a great focus on core conversion. But what about the conversion of cultures? People who never worked together are suddenly expected to gel as a group. A rebrand can be a great way to unite and ignite that team under one common purpose.

Increased Competition

Is a new bank in town and they’re drawing a lot of exposure—or is an existing competitor putting the pressure on? Re-introduce your bank to your community with a brand refresh that helps you tell your unique story and remind the marketplace of the value you deliver.

Market Disruption

There’ll be times when a bank moves out of your market, or a local competing bank merges with a bigger chain. Use these events as opportunities to educate existing and potential customers (both of whom may be rethinking their choice of bank) about your value proposition while staying top of mind as an engaged financial partner.

New Leadership

Often, when a new leader or leadership team is put in place, they may have a different vision for what the bank is looking to accomplish—as well as a corresponding strategy. With all this newness, be sure your brand aligns.

It really works.

Our clients have seen a number of extraordinary results following the completion of our rebranding process, including:


increase in
new customers.


Bank revenue doubled
three years after
completing rebrand


Net income
increase of 22%


Increase in
brand awareness
across markets
in three years.


market share
increase across
all markets.

We are FMS. We’re a branding (or marketing, if you prefer, but we believe all marketing is part of building a brand… we can discuss this later) agency dedicated exclusively to the financial services industry. We have decades of experience working with banks from 200M to 40B in assets.

We partner with banks all over the country to help them find their authentic voice and tell their story in meaningful ways. It’s hard work, but we love it. And it works.

Let’s talk.

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