Sean Hockenbery Promoted to President; Zach Pannell EVP

Sean Hockenbery has been promoted to president of the agency, and Zach Pannell to executive vice president.

With nearly two decades of experience, Sean will head up the FMS leadership team, which includes President Sean Hockenbery, EVP Zach Pannell, EVP Amber Farley and Executive Creative Director Clark Hook, with Tim Pannell staying on as CEO of the agency, along side Co-Founder and Executive Partner, Laurie Pannell.

Tim Pannell has been the president of FMS since its inception in 2004. He will remain CEO, and continue consulting and speaking around the country. Zach Pannell will move into Hockenbery’s role of EVP, heading up the firm’s client services and managing all day-to-day operations at FMS.

“What you’ve always expected from FMS—the strategy, creativity, service—none of this changes,” shared Tim Pannell. “The stability of FMS is the same. As CEO, I’ll still be as accessible as I have always been. The leadership team will now be working in collaboration and partnership with the owners to assume more and more of the responsibilities.”

Sean excels at working with banks across the country, and is highly regarded for his expertise and ability to develop strong, collaborative partnerships with our clients and internal team members. He joined FMS in 2005, serving as account executive and most recently as the agency’s executive vice president. With a strong background in both the financial and retail banking industries, his career began at American Express Financial Advisors and Regions Bank.

Tim Pannell commented, “As banks continue to look for ways to elevate their brands, Sean’s experience helping our clients build and grow their brands through strategy, creativity and technology makes him a natural for the role; we have always been working toward this goal. He has a passion for FMS and our clients. I cannot be more pleased to introduce him as president.”

“I’ve worked on both sides of the equation as a banker and a marketing strategist. I am thrilled to work among a talented team and continue to build our own brand,” Hockenbery shared. “FMS has built such a strong reputation by leading with strategy and simply showing our work, which transforms what would otherwise be a commodity into a household name and beloved brand.”

Sean earned a marketing degree from Middle Tennessee State University and he also graduated from the ABA Bank Marketing School. Sean’s rich background in financial services, marketing and account services provides him with the varied tools required to manage and grow marketing relationships with his clients, his peers and bank marketers nationwide. Sean is a frequent speaker at conferences and bank marketing schools.

Throughout the years since its founding in 2004, FMS has matured into a single solution for banks across the nation, building brands and delivering branding and marketing strategies to a wide variety of community and regional banks.

“It’s been very exciting and challenging,” shared Tim Pannell. “The industry is always changing and requires constant evolution of our processes and strategies. The opportunities are greater than they’ve ever been, and I look forward to seeing Sean step into the role of president firsthand. Our leadership team is ready—smart, passionate and eager. We have wonderfully loyal clients and a great track record of exceeding their expectations. We plan to build on that momentum.”