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Amber Farley

Executive Vice President, Emerging Media

Amber is a dynamo—the digital marketing and social guru behind our bank’s brand personalities and an industry-recognized expert. As EVP of Emerging Media, she strategizes ways to help our clients be more relevant to today’s most tech-savvy customer, and shows them how to engage in meaningful online conversations. When we develop a brand for our banks, Amber heads up digital and social media strategies to communicate that brand, identifying digital touchpoints to communicate efficiently and effectively on today’s devices and mediums (and that’s constantly changing). So it’s Amber’s job to stay on top of the latest trends affecting user behavior and best practices for communicating online. Amber is a sought-out speaker and teacher, leading frequent conference keynotes, webinars and serving in many leadership capacities across the industry. She is frankly unstoppable.



Is the highest amount you can love someone in our family. There's more to that story. :)


The average number of nights I spend in a hotel each year.


Vintage spoons were given to me from my grandma before she passed.


The number of times you will see me drinking cereal milk. Absolutely gross.


Precious little humans call me mom.


Chocolate croissants is what I typically consume in a year. The number of days I spend at the gym is way less.


The number of days I wish I lived and worked at the beach. Christmas Day would be the only exception.

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A few things you didn’t know about Amber:

The handmade cherry cedar chest that my dad made me when I was 16. I have all kinds of memorabilia in there that I never want to forget.
One of the perks, travel. I love it, selfishly, but it is incredibly hard to balance the deadlines and frequent travel with everyday life. Like when am I supposed to do grocery shopping or laundry or help with my kids' school projects?
Sometimes I want to unplug from social media and I don’t feel like I can because my job depends on it. So balancing mental health time is important. It isn’t always as fun as it seems.
I doubt it. I am an open book! I used to be a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. I even went sky-diving, the non-tandem version! My first public speaking event was when I was 7 years old and it was on the topic of whales. I still love whales! I grew up in a small town outside of Memphis with a few well-known celebrities like Al Green and Justin Timberlake. I learned how to clog at a young age, and still remember my routines. I was the flyer for our cheerleading squad, the setter for our varsity volleyball team and played fast-pitch softball. I was born 30 days early.
After I have successfully presented, whether speaking, teaching or pitching new business. I’m the happiest after that high. Also, our industry naturally allows for more collaboration with other people, and I love that part. I love listening to brilliant ideas and being allowed to have raw open-ended brainstorming sessions; that gets me excited and energized and invigorated.
I hate grey, actually, if I’m being real. Nothing about grey makes me happy. I’m not modern; all the new modern stuff is grey. I like warm, optimistic colors. My husband and I debated back and forth on the wall colors of our new house. He wanted grey. I wanted a light tan color. We settled on "greige", which I didn't even know was a thing!
I don’t like the word no. I feel like a kid saying that, but it is a very pessimistic word to me. Maybe or not yet works better, or we’ll think about it. No is so definitive. I’m not a fan.
Cooking tacos.The secret is the fried corn tortilla - Frensley style!
There is not much separation; it is just my life, with a home, husband, kids, and work. I manage it all the best I can wherever I am. I am trying to be present and my kids, job and husband deserve the best of me. I try to be 100% there wherever I am. Soak up the moment. Be the best I can be in that moment. Easier said than done.
I would live near the beach, and I would try and make a living by helping young kids somehow, like teaching them about how important the ocean is to our ecosystem, coordinating beach cleanups, helping marine life etc.