photo of Bill Collier

Bill Collier


Bill is the heart and soul of FMS. To know him is to love him, and to be assured your work will be produced by the expert. Bill is the one, the point person, the troubleshooter, the-buck-stops-here man, who makes sure all the printed and produced marketing materials that funnel through our agency get printed correctly and produced well. This role involves ensuring the right files, graphics, paper, ink viscosities, set-ups, hex codes, aqueous coatings, and all the back-end things you’ve never ever heard of are exactly perfect. What’s great is you don’t need to know or worry about those things because Bill is. He can, he will and he does. In fact, he loses sleep over this kind of stuff. But he and our clients should sleep easy; there is not a production challenge he has not surmounted.



Number of wonderful and talented daughters I have.


Number of drawings and sketches over the years.


Number of guitars I've had over the years.


Number of years I've worked in printing and advertising.

A few things you didn’t know about Bill:

When you’ve been here as long as I have, it’s like a family more than a working environment. You know people so well on a personal level.
I have none. I really don’t. I build guitars. But I could give them away in a second. I don’t have any possessions I just cherish. Maybe … family photos would be something I cherish.
For me, it is the responsibility to make sure it is right. I nitpick everything. I am a very analytical person. Details. I enjoy it though. Deadlines. I’ve done it so long so I don’t know if there is a hard part. I enjoy it all.
It would be giving it to someone who needed it. Pass it on, you know?
My phobia is real remote places that are uncivilized and primitive. Like you go in the with the best intentions and someone runs a spear through you. I would love space travel. I could watch the stars and moon all night.
A banana; I’ve been eating that since I was 14. A notepad. And I always keep an itinerary of what I need to do for the day.
I would be an astronaut. I love that stuff. Like LOVE it. I’ll go sit and watch planes fly. I know that sounds weird, but I am fascinated. It’s an obsession. I got a Billy Blast-Off toy in the late 60s, and my first band was named that.