photo of Blake Hodges

Blake Hodges

Account Executive

Blake is a keen account executive, in part because he is also a gifted movie critic—a “noticer” who notices things others miss. A highly articulate, persuasive leader who is a little bit obsessed about the details, Blake has this master spreadsheet that meticulously takes each client’s brand launch and campaigns and outlines the necessary plans and timelines for the entire year. “My obsession is that sheet.” It is a gift and a burden, but the point is he notices, overseeing the priorities and deadlines to manage production and expectations of a variety of marketing pieces, from collateral to digital to social, working directly with clients to develop everything necessary to make each brand launch a success and each client a delighted one.



Average number of movie related content I publish or manage a month as written pieces or podcasts.


Number of podcasts I subscribe to and actually follow closely.


Number of movies I watch a year in theaters on average.


Number of custom-made hardwood furniture pieces I have at my house made from my best friend.

Connect with Blake

A few things you didn’t know about Blake:

The eye of the hurricane.
It’s like the NBC show “The Good Place,” if they had a workplace, it would be like FMS.
How fast things change. One second, I’m caught up, wondering what is my purpose. Five minutes later, I have so much to do, I can’t even fathom it. Zero to 100 is intense.
When I’m not here, I’m in sweat pants and a beanie. The weather is no exception. I’m always chasing comfort. And I’m the managing editor of SiftPop.
Smart Food white cheddar popcorn. You can get a whole bag for $2-$4, it’s 1,460 calories. But I can buy ecstasy levels of happiness for $3.
We have a client like this: someone who is as brutally honest as they are personable.
I have a lot of colors I don’t like. I don’t like brown. I don’t like dark green. Most yellows. Really any dark colors, blah. I like bright colors.
Cleaning or organizing a room. I like to throw everything out.
Literally perfect. I grew up with a ton of kids; I’ve had the same best friends since we were five. We all reminisce about the neighborhood. Kickball, football, flashlight tag. I want my kids to live in the same place and have that chance.
I don’t intend to ever leave America. I was born in Tennessee, I live in Tennessee, I’m going to die in Tennessee. I’m very skittish.
In my dreams, I’d be a full-time movie critic writing for one of the big publications like Rolling Stone. A more feasible answer would be the marketing director of the Chattanooga Aquarium. That whole campus is aquatic magic.