photo of Brooke Bradford

Brooke Bradford

Graphic Designer

Brooke brings a breath of fresh air to our clients’ brands through her fun, colorful, and creative ideas. It’s what you’d expect from a graphic designer whose passions include herbalism and gardening. In the same way that plants need a little freedom to grow, Brooke loves the opportunity to use her own creative freedom to bring colors, shapes, textures, and text together in the most unique and pleasing way. Breathing life into a brand—while preserving the brand’s integrity—is no easy task, and that’s exactly where Brooke excels. She’s committed, focused, informed, beautifully unique, and a breath of fresh air in her own right.



Times I've refused to go to Barcelona Wine Bar for dinner


Times I've asked someone to repeat the question, I cannot hear you


Minutes of music I listened to in 2023. I listen to music most of the day

Times I've asked Jesse for help on Zelda's Breath of the Wild


Pair of glasses I’ve broken in the 22 years I’ve been wearing them

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A few things you didn’t know about Brooke:

I bring colors, shapes, textures and text together in the most unique/pleasing way
My green New Yorker tote bag
When I see my idea come to life or in creative meetings, I love hearing the creative team talk over ideas.
A few drinks (I need options) air pods, sticky notes, chapstick, and a good pen.
Working in such a friendly environment with such knowledgeable and creative folks
A really nice big dinner with my friends
It was filled with big laughs and really good music
Someone who gives me complete creative freedom
Brown, I've never seen brown used well in a design or layout.
Mature when folks pronounce it MA-toore
Being able to keep (indoor) plants alive for long periods of time
Absolutely, an idea becomes a complete thought when you have another great person to talk it out with.
I’d be a music critic or try my hand at screenwriting