photo of Chris Ward

Chris Ward

Senior Art Director

Chris is an award winning creative leader who uses design, photography, video, digital, and motion/animation resources to propel our clients toward their strategic goals. He works closely with our Executive Creative Director, Clark, and the rest of our design team to make sure every creative concept fulfills strategic objectives, makes an emotional connection, resonates with the authentic brand of our clients, and advances the bank forward. In addition to his design skills, Chris brings charm, wit, wisdom and excellence to our team and is always working to learn and grow in ways that make our team better.



Number of different colored pair of glasses I own.


The sum of years, in age, of all three of my children. Yes, I've barely survived all of that.


Average number of vegetables I'm growing at any given time.

A few things you didn’t know about Chris:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!
I build beautiful things that help wonderful people serve their amazing customers better!
“Our Priority is You” – US Postal Service
When I’m joking around with friends and co-workers.
One time I designed a logo that the customer ended up getting a tattoo of on his shoulder.
My children… that may actually happen.
We were poor, so I had to use my imagination a lot. I imagine it was great!
Any color that doesn’t serve a specific purpose.
"Equestrian” – aren’t there other ways to say this?
I secretly love to make homemade soups.
I’ve never had two heads, thankfully…
My life is a fast-paced logistics puzzle, so I usually just try to be either here or there. Sometimes I get it right.