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Clark Hook

Executive Creative Director

Clark is our executive creative director. After owning his own agency and serving all kinds of clients, he’s reinvented banks through his unique perspective on what brand and branding could and should be. Clark takes his love for design to an obsessive level. When he isn’t designing, he is looking at design, thinking about design, buying design or living with design. A graduate of Belmont University and The Creative Circus, his work has been selected for numerous awards and publications including Communication Arts, Creativity, Critique, Print, Graphis, AIGA, Addys, Tellys and Type Directors Club. He inspires artists and writers to craft their best work, mentoring and collaborating to lead our creative team. In working with Clark, expect to be challenged; anticipate lively discussion; plan to remove “the box” to welcome in great ideas; and look forward to coming away with a brand that can and will take your bank to the next level.



Pieces of original art we own. This number is constantly growing.


Musical instruments in my house.


Musical instruments I have any sort of mastery on.


Times I’ve been to Russia. I’m happy to give you the longer version of how we adopted our youngest daughter.


Records (country and otherwise) I worked as a recording engineer on before I became a designer.

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A few things you didn’t know about Clark:

I get to work with people I really, genuinely like. Part two, I get to see really interesting places, like Grand Rapids or a tower of onion rings in Clarinda, Iowa.
I hope so. I sang in a barber-shop quartet on a riverboat in high school. I was a member of the Missouri All-State Choir. I dropped a tuba off the back of our high school football stadium. I wrecked a golf cart. I worked as a recording engineer on a bunch of country records.
Two times: One is when we are trying to construct a new brand from the ground up and my wall is full of inspiration. That part, the concepting and construction of a new brand I absolutely love. And when I am designing something. When it's just me, some music and the thing I am working on, I lose track of time and I love it. Aside from music, design is one of my favorite things to do. It never gets old for me.
Art. What I will spend my last dollar on is my kids. But past that, I never regret buying art.
A fearless believer in what they're doing. Willing to experiment and take risks.
It was happy. I had parents that loved me dearly. They were both musicians, they encouraged me to pursue things I loved, gave me room to fail, and I got my love of art from that upbringing.
Pictures of my family, my sketch book, a Blackwing pencil, and way too many proofs.
Because I work at FMS, it balances better than I ever thought it would. That being said, I always struggle with feeling like I never do a good enough job with either.
I would own an art gallery/bookstore with my wife.