photo of Crystal Sirls

Crystal Sirls

Media Manager

Crystal is a media master. Knowledgeable, meticulous, always busy and contagiously optimistic, she researches markets and analyzes options to make the best media recommendations for our clients. She creates and maintains the complex media plans our brand launches require, making sure that we are optimizing every opportunity, and maximizing our clients’ dollars and media exposure. Managing traditional as well as digital media, Crystal is a virtual bridge, building relationships with media partners in each client’s markets and forming partnerships with clients, communicating regularly with them about their media’s performance metrics. She is constantly researching and keeping up with trends to be sure we are recommending the latest and greatest media options to our clients.



The number of houseplants in my home.


The number of dogs I have.


A rough estimate of how many carrots I’ve harvested this year!


The number of dogs I wish I could have.


The number of times I’ve been on the lake so far this summer.

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A few things you didn’t know about Crystal:

It’s a lot of fun. It’s nice to be encouraged to learn new things. It’s inspiring because it’s so creative. It is pleasant; it’s just a positive environment with no grouches.
My dog. Hank. I always tell my husband that he’s my prized possession.
The hardest thing I ever did, and I’m pretty proud of it, was build a television network from the ground up, and launch it and develop the commercial breaks by coming up with a math equation to figure out the structure. It was crazy.
Probably dog food for Hank.
I would say the Beatles because everything changes so much, and their music changed so much, from how they started to how they ended. They got pulled in a lot of different directions. My job is constantly evolving, and I’m a band that would evolve with the times.
Harvesting my garden, and making food with it.
That’s a trick question. Well, I think we all play our own role here at FMS. I feed off of everyone else, but I have my own specialty and drive myself. But I do think two heads are better than one; I believe in checks and balances. I think sometimes it’s nice to brainstorm together.
If there are any opportunities we want, we talk about it and they let us do it.
It was a lot of fun. I played outside a lot, road go-carts. I had fun all the time, played soccer, my parents allowed me to do what I wanted to do, but it wasn’t a free-for-all; I had a little bit of discipline. I like to camp; we go camping all the time, and I think that’s because I played outside all the time as a kid. We always had boats on the lake. Being at the lake, I get that same feeling. It’s the most gratifying thing to me, being on the water.