photo of Ethan Pickering

Ethan Pickering

Media Coordinator

Ethan’s role is to support the agency in getting our clients’ marketing campaigns front and center of all the right eyes. From TV commercials and print ads to Google display ads, there’s a lot of media and market research that goes into perfecting the right placement. Ethan helps with that and more. He’s extremely organized and pays attention to the tiniest of details, which makes a big impact in the planning, execution, and deployment of client media campaigns. A voracious reader and storyteller, Ethan studied journalism and served as editor and reporter for his college newspaper, during which he managed a newsroom of eight reporters and regulated the flow of content and information.



States I've visited


Numbers of days I can go without caffeine


Houseplants that I own


Books I read this year

A few things you didn’t know about Ethan:

Probably the Old Spice whistle – mainly because of the wacky commercial it is accompanied by.
My cat is probably my most treasured, yet most irritating possession.
Taking a road trip class for college credit in a different town in Tennessee was super rewarding because me and a group of fellow journalists got some awesome stories told all on our own.
Hmmm, probably on some food late at night. I am always craving weird stuff super late.
Very suburban. I grew up in a neighborhood with all boys close to my age and we ran the streets. I spend a lot of time playing outside and walking around my small hometown in Middle Tennessee.
I don’t like the color gray very much.
I like all words equally – even the gross ones.
I can actually cook and grill some really killer food.
I think so! I always enjoy working with a partner because they can shoot down my outlandish ideas.
A cup of coffee!
I have always wanted to write for National Geographic magazine.