photo of Heidi Glick

Heidi Glick


Heidi is a poignant writer. She writes the emotive copy that helps banks align their words with their brands. In fact, there isn’t anything she hasn’t written here, whether a full website or just a tweet. With an English degree from Old Dominion University and the University of Central Florida, and a prolific background in journalism, copywriting, web marketing, legislation drafting, editing and research, she writes the copy for most any project we propose: tv scripts, print ads, content marketing articles, you name it. With her excellent proofreading skills, you might assume she is critical; but, far from it—Heidi is about the most agreeable, complimentary friend you’ll ever have. She is subtle and smart, fun and funny, conversational and quiet, uncomplicated and complex, a people person and a people watcher, mindful and meaningful.



The number of Heidi’s coworkers who swear she’d win a bar fight if put to the test. (Kill with kindness!)


The number of conversations in a week I have with myself out loud (then furtively look around to make sure no one saw).


The number of times I've marched into the FMS lounge for just water, only to leave with a handful of M&Ms and a mini Snickers.


The number of times I search in a week.


The number of times this morning I've belted out Tina Turner’s “Better Be Good To Me” while in the shower.


The number of Pringles I can fit in my mouth at one time (without breakage).

A few things you didn’t know about Heidi:

I tell people that I write copy. Sometimes people think it is a legal thing. So I tell them that I write stories; I use words to evoke emotion, sell products, entertain, educate and tell stories.
“My bologna has a first name.” That jingle comes to mind.
Two things: the people that I work with, and a flexible schedule. It’s so huge. And the people, like Clark, I feel so attached to his thinking and he has taught me so much about how to think more creatively and put myself in other peoples’ shoes and write for them. And Sean is understanding, professional, kind. But everyone is just so smart.
Roberta Flack, “Killing me softly with his song” comes to mind. It's about being moved by a good story.
Utilize. I hate that word. Use … why would you use utilize when can use use!
I can make some homemade Italian foods, like tortellini and spiedini, Italian favorites that my great grandmother used to make.
I had a terrific childhood. In Detroit, we were kind of poor but really happy. I remember playing in the snow a lot, and listening to Barry Manilow. I learned to read by listening to Barry’s Copacobana; I memorized the lyrics. I had a close family.
A hot beverage. And my headphones so I can listen to music. I never used them until six months ago; Clark said he could never work without them. So I started listening to instrumental music, and now I couldn’t go a day without music in my ear.
I’d be a therapist.