photo of Jesse DeShazo

Jesse DeShazo

Brand Manager

Jesse is a creative account executive. Yes, the two can co-exist. He strategizes with clients to understand their needs, and then strategizes with our design team for ways to respond to those needs. When Jesse’s involved, work and fun go hand-in-hand. While he’s serious about getting the job done—he lends a quirky and creative energy to it. He’s as organized and dedicated to the task at hand as he is forward-thinking and clever. One of Jesse’s favorite hobbies is board games. He’ll play for hours on the weekend, challenging his brain just for the fun of it.



Weighted ballistic rubber hammers owned


Years being a youth leader


Hours playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Times I’ve stretched in public


Board/Party Games

Connect with Jesse

A few things you didn’t know about Jesse:

Happy to help
We develop brands for banks and I’m a project manager
Maybe, “There’s an app for that.” By Apple
Probably my board games. Specifically, Scythe and Wingspan because I have bought a bunch of lovely upgrades for them.
- When I have a long list of tasks and I get them completed by the end of the day
- Connecting with clients
- Seeing rebrands developed
- Seeing new brands get launched
Handling more clients on my own and getting our To-do List on to Asana
Coffee, free gym, Grab the Gold Bars
Time Management and making sure things don’t fall through the cracks
Food: Smoothie or Acai Bowl, House Salad with Chicken at Mojos, Burger with Sweet Potato Truffle Fries at Burger Up, Desanos Pizza, Chipotle.... or maybe board games.
I loved playing with action figures and making up my own stories, I played Nintendo, and enjoyed going around the neighborhood and explored with other kids in the neighborhood
Gracious, Clear Communicator, Personable and Direct/Honest
It’s hard for me to say I don’t like a color, but if I had to decide…Orange, but the fruit looks good.
Unprecedented…it’s an abused word these days.
Depends on the heads lol, but most of the time, absolutely!
Multiple drinks and my airpods
I’m able to enjoy both without feeling overwhelmed at either. My job helps me be more organized and my home helps me feel refreshed to show up with joy.
Probably pastoring
I can cook and bake