photo of Jonny Pendergrass

Jonny Pendergrass

Senior Art Director

Jonathan is an exceptional designer with a style all his own. He works with Clark to design all the materials for our clients, particularly shining when he’s crafting video concepts, developing TV commercials and working like a producer. If you’re a fan of the compelling brand videos and emotive commercials we create, then you already know and like Jonathan. He loves to direct and collaborate with other creatives and really talented people, thriving on learning and perfecting his craft. Jonathan also creates and designs branding and identity systems, print ads, collateral materials, and the style brand guidelines and visual content for our clients, always looking to make sure that every created piece of artwork is authentic to the brand’s original vision and intent.



Bananas eaten in the past 17 years...bananas are gross.


The number of different countries visited.


The number of sneakers I own. This number is subject to increase at any given time spontaneously and without notice.


The amount of fonts I own. (I only use about 12% of them).

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A few things you didn’t know about Jonny:

I think it’s “Just do it.” I know that is super cliché, but I love what that means for people, just doing your best every single day. Get up and do it, regardless of how you’re doing. Do something. There is a human aspect to it. Gatorade makes it completely unattainable for the average person. But “Just do it” is aspirational as well as attainable for everyone.
When I turned 18, my dad gave me a journal with all of his thoughts concerning me from the time I was adopted up to my 18th birthday. He left me pages for my kids. It’s beautiful. It is this leather-bound, gold foiled thing with papyrus pages.
I get to learn under Clark. Every time I go in there with an idea, it leaves as a better idea. He is like a genius. Like an actual genius. Not like the self-proclaimed ones that are out there.
I love everything about it. I’d do this for free.
I grew up on a tour bus. For the first six years of my life, we went to different cities.
Yeah. You want the Hex code? FBB93A. It’s a yellowish orange. It is memorized and never going to go away.
I’m really great at cooking. In fact I do most of the cooking at home. It is one of my greatest pleasures as well. I don’t use recipes ever. I go by what I want to taste, what smells good and what is in the fridge. My mom was a chef and caterer. I had somehow absorbed that and didn’t realize it until I went to college and was super hungry.
This is the key working anywhere, but what everyone here does a fantastic job with is being humble in an industry rot with ego. Everyone here has a voice, not like the creatives vs. the suits. We all come together to figure out the best solutions for our clients. There is no internal strife. Everyone is humble and generally expects the best from everyone as opposed to assuming the worst.
No, I’d go anywhere at least once. I have not been to Antarctica or Israel. Yet. I want to be in the seven-continent club someday.