photo of MacKenzie Moore

MacKenzie Moore

Graphic Designer

MacKenzie loves a good challenge—whether it’s creating a visual solution for a client or killing her colleagues at ping pong. She’s an innovative thinker and forever-hungry creator, having worked in advertising, graphic/web design, illustration, and interior design. Some creatives prefer to work alone. Not this one. MacKenzie thrives in a collaborative setting, feeding off the perspectives of those around her. She’s a sucker for a handsome typeface and a bold color palette, a buoyant optimist, and an appreciator of the weird. Design has always been her way of storytelling; with every project she takes on, she challenges herself to reach the crossroads of thoughtfulness and great design.



The number of dogs I have passed on the street and not asked to pet


The number of Oreo sleeves I can (and will) eat in one sitting


The number of times during a year where I will, abruptly, stop what I’m doing and think about the meaning of the 2001 Sci-fi/Fantasy Donnie Darko. What did it mean?


The number of times in a day the pan flute solo from Africa by Toto plays in my head


The approximate number of times I’ve said I would stop drinking caffeine, only to find myself with a cup of coffee in hand the very next morning

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A few things you didn’t know about MacKenzie:

Look at usual things with unusual eyes
Help find solutions via design at a cool place in Franklin, Tennessee
Not a slogan, but my very favorite advertising piece is the singing rabbit Skittles commercial from 2006
My thermos that I bring to and from work everyday
The Austin Bank rebrand
A new pair of weird earrings
In the right setting, any color can be appreciated
Milquetoast (but I also kind of love it?)
Binging 90 Day Fiancé
When making a big salad, two heads of lettuce are better than just one
My tiny Pantone flip booklet and a thermos full of coffee that I never remember to let cool down before taking my first sip
Traveling psychologist
Learning a new skillset or with my hand full of snacks