photo of Molli Carter

Molli Carter

Digital Media Strategist

Molli is a tough cookie. She is our can-do media coordinator, made of passion, principles, dedication and smiles. With a degree in mass communication and experience with all outlets of media and publicity, Molli is a multitasking problem-solver. As our media coordinator, she assists the agency in creating media plans for clients; managing placement of marketing campaigns in all traditional and digital media outlets; helping with market research and insertion orders; delivering monthly reports; and developing strong, collaborative relationships with vendors. Molli brings careful organization and mindful hard work to her role at FMS and at home.



The number of times I prefers Dunkin over Starbucks.


The number of dream cars I want to own one day.


The number of times I've cried this year over acts of kindness.


The number of ounces of coffee I drink per day.


The number of times I've traveled outside of the southeast region of the U.S.

A few things you didn’t know about Molli:

My daughters’ crib. All three kids used the same one, and it was the first thing I purchased as an adult. I still have it.
I can write with both hands.
I think just being real. Just being transparent and ready to work hard.
I think I would go anywhere. I’d love to see the world. I’ve seen very little of it. I got to see a lot of the United States.
I have to keep everything super organized here, and that’s my role at home too. I basically do the same thing in both places: the gatekeeper.
If I was not working for FMS, I would want to be a draft analyst for the NFL! I’d also enjoy traveling the world with my family; ideally, doing missionary or non-profit work of some kind.