photo of Sean Hockenbery

Sean Hockenbery

President and CEO

Sean is a driven, obsessive, get-the-job-done type. He leads the team to ever higher standards of serving our clients. As President and CEO, he is our go-to for just about everything at the agency—from overseeing the development and launch of brand presentations to building long-term relationships with our clients and managing the health of the agency. He also makes sure we have the necessary technology, proper processes and the right people in the right place, so that we can develop relevant and strategic marketing opportunities that continuously advance the brands of our clients. Everything we do at FMS has to stem from our client's strategic goals. So Sean makes sure that the marketing and branding strategies we deliver are strategically based, creatively distinctive and fully integrated to maximize our client's opportunities.



The number of horses I ride to work everyday. Yes, I am a car nerd.


The number of times I order creme brûlée.


The number of vinyl records in my collection.

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A few things you didn’t know about Sean:

Make it happen.
When I think about where FMS was when we started and where we are now, and to think I was a part of it, that is a great achievement.
Taking my family on a trip, creating an experience for them.
I don’t like “can’t.”
It would either be cooking or the greater skill … the ability to multitask. I get more done in two hours than most people get done in a weekend.
Realizing that it is about a team; it’s never about one person. That’s why our team is so good right now. We all get that.
It melds well in that my family is involved and they know what I do, they know why I’m doing it, and they know the members of our team. At the same time, there is a good gap between work and personal because I feel like I am very dedicated and focused and so driven at work, and I need my family to help me relax and remind me at the end of the day why I’m doing it.
The people who get to do road tests on cars, and then evaluate them and write about them … I’d love to be that person who writes articles for Car and Driver or Road and Track, Automobile, any of those.