Strategic Marketing

We help banks develop strategic marketing plans to fulfill tactical objectives and have a positive impact on the balance sheet. Marketing can do lots of beautiful things; but if marketing is not tied to strategic goals, it will never be as effective as it should be. Since brand strength can enhance a bank’s performance, it is important to elevate the brand to a strategic, c-suite level discussion and evaluate it against the bank’s short-term and long-term goals.

01. Strategy is a planner.

To achieve your overall aim, you’ll need a plan of action. Strategic marketing builds that plan to accomplish goals over the short-term and over years. It’s precise like that.

02. Strategy is a diplomat.

Strategic marketing translates objectives into effective, actionable steps. It aligns sensitive, emotive creativity with cerebral goals. It helps the left brain speak respectfully to the right brain, yielding a collective intelligence that is greater than either lobe on its own.

03. Strategy is king.

Beautiful creative work and marketing campaigns are of little value if they are not aligned to strategy. Without a strategic marketing plan, any marketing effort is a waste. An advertising concept or a marketing promotion without strategy is just expensive fluff. If brand is the core, with all its insights and creativity, imagine it wrapped in the functional protection of strategy. Without strategy, your branding is vulnerable to any whim or redirection.

04. Strategy is a road map.

It’s easy to get lost pursuing an idea. Strategy is what reins in brainstorming and prevents a useless one-off. Strategy is the North Star by which to navigate your way through the brand, helping to locate, identify and understand goals. Who are we trying to reach? Where do they spend their time? What are they doing? What do we want them to do? Strategy pinpoints the route, and keeps brand on the right path.

05. Strategy is creative.

To get someone to act, you’ve got to grab their attention. If you just wave your arms, you’ll get noticed, but then what? Strategy weaves seemingly random ideas into a focused, well-organized plan that gets noticed and is memorable.

06. Strategy is a trusted partner.

There is a sense of pride knowing our clients trust us for our feedback. Granted, they don’t always take our advice, but they always look to us for lots of smart options. We use our experience to think through all the scenarios and suggest what paths might be best.