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Tim Pannell


Tim is a born leader, a strategist and some kind of wonderful perfectionist. Founding FMS in 2004, Tim first sold books door-to-door to work his way through college. After 30+ years in the bank marketing industry, he’s a brand fanatic, and his greatest strength lies in thinking like a banker. Passionate about success, Tim gets results for his clients, creating growth and inspiring seismic paradigm shifts that ripple throughout the industry. With scores of lifelong friendships with his clients, he finds himself among the most sought-after speakers and consultants, exploring opportunities with banks and helping them surmount most any marketing challenge. He leads with strategy and a generous spirit. When he isn’t working (and when isn’t he working?), you may find him hunkered down in a luxury theater, blowing off steam on the golf course or simply taking it easy with his family. Tim and Laurie now apply their years of experience assisting banks through FMS Consulting.



How many watches I own.


The number of grandchildren I have.


The number of languages I have studied.


How many clocks that are in my office.


The number of years I have been in bank branding and marketing.

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A few things you didn’t know about Tim:

My Bible.
The chance to do great work with people I really enjoy.
Just having final responsibility for everything.
You’re never off work. Ever. No matter where you are.
I earned my boy scout merit badge by hitchhiking. That’s true. I have a seminary degree. One is penance.
Building FMS to where it is today—with thriving and happy people, families being taken care of, and clients getting their needs met.
Willie Nelson … on the road again.
Well, if there are, I missed them.
“You guys are good at what you do.” They also always say, “You got us.”
Artwork from my wife, my computer, a to-do list.
What I’m doing.