photo of Victoria Jamison

Victoria Jamison

Chief Financial Officer

Victoria is the hawk-eye on our wallet. As CFO, she manages all accounting and finance operations for FMS—from day-to-day strategies to forecasting our financial future. A magna cum laude graduate with a master’s degree in finance, she’s really no one to tangle with when it comes to managing the money. She oversees our books and our financial reports, faithfully attending to the details and keeping FMS sitting pretty. Though her attention to detail helps her shine on a daily basis, her true passion lies in strategic financial planning, working diligently to keep FMS thriving, and guiding the business to weather any and all economic storm fronts. She is an excellent communicator, in deed and in life. When she is not managing FMS’ finances, she’s probably outdoors hiking or enjoying cold weather; indoors reading, cooking or playing with her furry friend; or hitting the town in search of fashion, creativity and inspiration.



Recipes I create each year.


Average number of books I read in a month.


Bottles of nail polish I currently own. (Seriously).


Miles I walk every day. (Except in the summer – TOO HOT!)


Number of tattoos I currently have.

A few things you didn’t know about Victoria:

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
My cat!
When I have an empty inbox. (Ok, this never actually happens, but I think it would be nice.)
Earning my Master’s degree in an accelerated program (one year), and not missing a beat at work.
A great book. Or maybe a fabulous pair of earrings.
They would look just like my husband. Haaaahahaha.
Not really. There is a place for every color somewhere in the world.
Cooking and creating my own recipes.
Yes! The more ideas the better.
Photos, Twisted Peppermint hand cream, love notes.
I would enjoy being some kind of investigator – detective, FBI, etc.