photo of William Colepaugh

William Colepaugh

Production Coordinator & Technology Manager

William is admittedly our office’s sweet tooth, but he mustfuel his frenetic pace. William keeps traffic flowing at FMS, doing everything within his power to avoid a rush-hour pileup (sugar crash?). He adroitly schedules and tasks all our jobs throughout the different stages of production, from copy to layout. William also oversees the production of each job once it goes outside the agency to the printer or other partners. He manages the process, updates everyone, obtains reviews of work, handles purchase orders, keeps records, and also somehow finds the time to maintain our computers. Our IT go-to, our troubleshooter and our task master, William has diverse experience in traffic, technology, media and film management, which is why he wears so many hats so very well. When he isn’t coordinating everything here, he is spelunking knee-deep in a cave somewhere, teaching self-defense, diving into a sand volleyball tournament or staying up all night working on film production projects—he clearly loves an adrenaline rush and the chance to rise to a challenge!



The number of days in a week I wish I could play sand volleyball.


The minimal number of times I stretch & train in a day.


The number of days in a week I eat ice cream.


The percent that my cup is filled with Dr. Pepper.


The number of times I wash my jeep per week.

A few things you didn’t know about William:

Is busy a phrase? A circus. It is always busy, and that’s not a bad thing.
I eat all the food people bring in. I manage jobs from start to end. I make sure everything goes smoothly and stays on schedule, and get ahead of any issues. I also help set up and maintain our computers, and tackle any technical issues or questions.
All the free snacks! I also like our team events, giving everyone the opportunity to socialize and catch up.
Every time I’m eating food. When things go smoothly and something gets completed on time, or better yet early. With tech, being able to fix or answer questions quickly.
Ice cream.
You mean here in America? Ha. I’m OCD. Is that a talent or curse?
Free Dr. Pepper. Just kidding. You’ve got to know what you’re doing. Be a fast worker. Get along with others.
Sometimes. It depends on the situation. It’s great when you have a challenge and you’re trying to figure out something and you have half an idea. But tough if you have two ideas and only one can move forward.