photo of Zach Pannell

Zach Pannell

Executive Vice President

Zach does not let anything escape him. He heads up the client services division at FMS and is the primary contact for our clients. A graduate of the ABA Bank Marketing School, Zach develops and nurtures relationships with clients on a day-to-day basis as smoothly and diplomatically as a well-oiled machine. He is organized, analytical and straightforward, bringing a dry wit and creativity to his work (and even his hand-crafted cocktails). A conduit to the agency, everything tends to run through Zach. His left-brain/right-brain acumen comes in handy as he manages projects and timelines with our creative team, and then effectively communicates thoughts, feelings and strategies from our creative gurus back to the client, balancing creativity with strategy, all the while keeping everyone happy. This could never happen without Zach.



The number of brands I've helped launch.


The number of "packs" my body has.


The number of Major League Baseball stadiums I've been to.


The number of kids I have.


The number of years I've been at FMS.


The number of states I've visited.

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A few things you didn’t know about Zach:

The old 1960s Smirnoff vodka. They used to make gin martinis and your breath would smell like gin. But vodka doesn’t have a flavor and it leaves your breath unscented by alcohol. So “It will leave you breathless.” Brilliant.
It’s definitely not our cat. I would probably say my baseball hat and bat collection.
We have an agency of really high performers, but we do run lean and mean, and so managing all the timelines and deadlines and clients’ expectations in a satisfactory, punctual manner would be probably the hardest part.
Something that would earn me $2.
Like Dizzy Gillespie, with the extremely fast trumpet music, or Flight of the Bumblebee, something like that. Fast-moving with a lot of parts.
I’ve started to learn how to bake bread. I also do lots of chores, but I guess that is no secret. I’m also rather handy. I have spreadsheets for everything. Grocery inventory, meal planning, grocery prices, etc.
The key to working at FMS you need to be positive and open-minded and flexible, hard-working, dedicated and also a great sense of humor and be okay with having a little bit of fun.
When I’m at work, I’m working. When I’m at home, I’m not. That’s not necessarily true, but I do strive for that good balance between home and work, making sure work happens no matter what, and making sure you don’t miss moments with your family because that’s what you remember.