ABA Bank Marketing

The ABA is the primary resource for banks in America when it comes to marketing and retail. There is no other organization in the country that can provide the assets, resources and value to banks than the ABA can. But ABA Bank Marketing needed to maximize their leadership, positioning themselves as a hub that offers daily value to CEOs and bank marketers across America. We helped consult, strategize and rebrand the entire ABA Bank Marketing division. We crafted new brand language, including a new brand promise; a tagline that summarizes their unique advantage, “No one knows banks like we do;” and a brand story. We then proceeded to outline all the ways in which a new brand and image could be launched. ABA Bank Marketing IS the industry’s resource, so we began by designing a new website, as well as everything from online banner ads to a brand launch video, to communicate that message. Conference materials were developed to build awareness, and create a sense of excitement and energy around the new brand. Oversized banners commanded attention, online banner ads attracted traffic and email blasts ensured the word was spread. The new brand was introduced at the ABA’s most recent bank marketing conference, where the site was launched and the new brand came to life.