Adirondack Trust Company

This is above and beyond. After spending time in the market and getting to know the various divisions of Adirondack Trust Company, FMS helped the organization launch a brand that’s simply above and beyond. The slogan, “above and beyond,” is a simple motto that encapsulates the high standard of excellence that the company was already living by. The tagline simplifies the bank’s approach of elevating others and appreciating the excellence, ambition and integrity found in all of us. Adirondack Trust Company aims to constantly go above and beyond in pursuit of this goal. The new slogan invites everyone within the organization to do their best, and see the good in others; it also invites the community at large to be the kind of people who go “above and beyond” for others. The slogan is a powerful service commitment, too. “Above and beyond” is comprehensive but simple. Meet needs, both everyday and extraordinary, and then go one better. As people rise to surmount each new day’s challenges, Adirondack Trust Company is supporting them and helping them go further ... above and beyond. It’s a ripple effect for good. To kick start the brand ideas, we wrote and designed a brand book that spelled out the core values of the brand. The internal launch began with a kickoff event featuring several speakers, a presentation of the new work, a video to animate the brand, and a closing invitation for all employees to open their brand boxes, filled with branded promotional items, the brand book, and even custom-designed ties for the men and scarves for the ladies. Externally, FMS developed radio commercials and print ads, as well as animated online display ads, environmental branding and more to distinguish the bank in the marketplace. FMS also helped to create campaigns for each of the bank’s divisions, developing a brand architecture under which all the once separate and confusing departments would unite into a single brand structure. The resulting brand brought cohesion and sophistication to a company that was already doing a fantastic job of going “above and beyond” to succeed.