Parkside Financial Bank & Trust


Parkside Financial Bank & Trust was the new kid in town, who quickly won fans and established themselves as a smart, high-performance financial organization. However, by the time we began working with them, they felt they were already losing some of the original energy and vision, and did not want to be pigeonholed into being just another bank. They wanted to maintain momentum and grow the brand without diluting their unique service niche.


Because the bank wanted to emerge as the partner of choice for discerning, successful, high net-worth businesses and families, and become a highly reputable brand, we realized the need to clarify the brand message on this razor-sharp niche of boutique banking. The bank had a unique story to tell, about how they got started and why they built the bank, but it was not being told. A branding focus could help them appeal to the right audience and advance the bank’s brand.


We began with an introductory campaign to introduce existing and prospective customers to a clarified brand message of being transparent, different and sharply focused on commercial banking, trust services and Family Office Services.

Internally, we rallied the team around a shared vision to deliberately pursue an uncommon partnership with target customers to create sophisticated solutions and powerful results for financial success and legacy. An intranet was built to encourage collaboration and uncommon incentives, apparel and events were brainstormed to bring the brand to life for the team.

Externally, we created a variety of selective growth tools to convey the bank’s brand to its unique and specific market. We also developed explanatory pieces to fully maximize the Family Office Services the bank delivered. Customers had complained about the bank’s website and online presence, so we also helped the bank update the look and feel of their website to streamline ease of use and become a strong touchpoint with the brand.


Maximizing the brand’s potential, we were able to help Parkside craft and tell their story, create brand awareness, ignite and unite the human capital around a clear brand promise, support the sales efforts of both the commercial banking and Family Office Services teams, and build brand awareness for selective centers of influence and prospects.