How 'bout that.
We won two
Telly awards.

Winning Awards

FMS won two Telly Awards for spots created for Blue Foundry Bank, and we are so thrilled to be recognized. The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring video and television across all screens. Established in 1979, The Telly Awards received more than 12,000 entries from all 50 states and five continents.

Our “Manifesto” television spot brought home a gold Telly Award. In “Manifesto,” we were able to build a crescendo of emotion by showing what kinds of people Blue Foundry Bank will appeal to: the doers, workers, movers and shakers. If you dare to be bold and do the hard work, this is the place for you—a bank “where things are made.”

“People may not understand how hard it is to take an idea in your head and get it onto your TV as good or better as the vision in your head, to turn it into something meaningful and beautiful on your screen. From concepting to camera technique and lighting, it all adds to that gritty, hard-edge nature that the bank already had and we thought people would appreciate.”

—Clark Hook, Executive Creative Director at FMS

Our “Axis Checking” earned a silver Telly Award for Blue Foundry Bank. In this spot, we were able to use cute humor and have a little fun comparing a ho-hum checking account with an empty relationship. You deserve better, and Axis Checking offers everything you want and nothing you don’t; the perfect match.

“The smirk at the end makes the spot. With Axis Checking, what we learned, not surprisingly, was that people disliked their checking account because they got charged for little things and did not get the value they hoped for; this checking account was built to be better than those—the kind of checking account that people could love. We thought it would be fun to convey those perks in a fun and interesting way to communicate the real value of the product.”
—Clark Hook, Executive Creative Director at FMS

Telling Stories

“It’s an honor to win these national awards,” stated Hook. “I have this deep belief that telling these stories, doing these things in creative ways, always works. I just love doing things that are unexpected and giving voice to these beautiful stories, celebrating these people, and making people feel something, stop and laugh, and remember what they felt.”Sean Hockenbery, President of FMS, agreed: “It is exciting to be recognized even outside the industry for our work, and we are thrilled for Blue Foundry Bank, that they can know their new brand television spots are ‘award-winning.’”