Traditions Bank


Nearly 20 years ago, there seemed to be a void in York, Pennsylvania for a true community bank. Mergers and acquisitions were happening frequently, while relationship-building and local decision-making were declining—until a few local entrepreneurs came together and created York Traditions Bank. The founders made all decisions for this new bank through the lens of six core values they strongly believed in. They hired best-in-class associates and set about to build a financial institution that truly cared about people and community. Against the backdrop of this unique and positive culture, customers and communities thrived—and so did the bank. Before expanding into new markets, the bank’s leadership team decided to reassess its identity, including name and logo, to ensure a successful transition.


After an extensive brand discovery, it was decided the name York Traditions Bank was geographically limiting; that a change in the name and the logo would prepare them for growth into new markets. Additionally, the visual identity was perceived as outdated. And while the bank was flourishing, it wasn’t as well-known as it could be, even in its legacy market. This was a bank with a great story to tell, extensive products and services, and a focus on providing real relationships, exceptional experiences, and exquisite service. A bank committed to making a difference in the communities it serves. It was time to tell that story, both externally and internally, in a way that resonated with the marketplace and inspired everyone on the team


We changed the bank name from York Traditions Bank to Traditions Bank to be inclusive of everyone they serve—now and in their future. Their new logo was inspired by the six core values the bank was founded on and includes a subtle Y, T and B to honor the history of the bank. (After all, a strong foundation is built to last.) The tagline “Make Your Mark” became a fitting message for a bank committed to helping customers and communities make their mark on the world. Internal and external communications promoted the bank’s mission to have a meaningful impact on their customers and communities—and each other. With a new and updated look, a unified brand message, and a compelling brand story that speaks to the bank’s sole purpose of helping friends and neighbors succeed, Traditions Bank is positioned to bring their unique style of community banking to new markets.