Your name is a shortcut to the entire brand experience at your bank. It needs to encapsulate the heart of your brand. It is critical to have a name that is aligned with the overall brand you are working to build.

Naming your bank—condensing your entire brand story into a single identity—is one of the hardest things to do. It’s easy to get derailed by personal preferences, the opinions of others, pressure from committees and simply the burden of a name with centuries of heritage. We help by providing a proven naming process, clarifying objectives, brainstorming ideas, focusing efforts, testing names on target audiences, and unifying shared goals to craft a name that is memorable, distinctive and relevant.

Then, we help the brand grow into the new name by building an entire branding system to establish and sustain the new name, and building in meaning and looking for every opportunity to bolster the foundation of the name with a believable and emotive story.

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